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Zero Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zero Info") has always been adhering to the problem of uncertainty caused by information asymmetry in social groups based on the timely and efficient solution of the enterprise, and combined with the actual needs of the company. Situations The following sales methods are available for you and your company to choose from:

● How to order

Under the premise that the demand intention and implementation direction are very clear, a common ordering method can be adopted, that is, the total amount of the contract can be summarized by summing up the ordering fee, the required implementation fee, and the subsequent service fee of the implementation node through a contract. , And through the agreed payment method to achieve the transaction process.

● Leasing method

Under the premise of relatively clear requirements for demand and implementation direction, products can also be deployed by means of leasing, that is, the use time and corresponding costs of the users are agreed upon in the form of contracts (costs mainly include the rental expenses of the nodes and the required implementation Fees, etc.) After the expiration of time, the user may choose to renew or terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated, Zhi Rui Information will recover the platforms, systems, software, hardware and accessories that have been deployed at the user, including but not limited to the integrated control management unit, the flexible interaction unit, and the terminal execution unit.

● Rent to sell

If the user selects the "lease method" under the premise of a change in the use of the intention of the process, from the intention to change the lease intention to order, the lease fee has been paid in the previous period will be signed when the contract will exist in the form of a deposit, The user only needs to pay the follow-up difference (the unit price of the product ladder deducts the part of the unit price that has already been paid), and thus the lifetime free use right of the product can be obtained.

● Intention

Under the premise that the demand for intentions and intentions of implementation are still in the stage of maturity, Zhi Rui Information is in line with the concept of “cooperation, win-win, innovation, and development” and is fully coordinated with the planning and strategy of the company, ie, the framework/strategy signed by both parties. In the form of an agreement, you can exchange information from Ruirui to install the client for your company for free. When the development and planning of you and your company meet the conditions for implementation, you can implement the transaction process through the above three methods.


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