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Consultation assessment service

█ Service content

● Data leak prevention technical consultation

● Information security risk assessment

● Data security and information management internal control construction/improvement

█ Advantages

● Attitude: A long-standing good reputation in the industry and cautious attitude toward doing things

● Product Advantage: It has 5 major systems, 33 modules, and nearly 240 functions to solve the problem of data security and information management.

● Qualification Honors: Complete certification system, qualifications and many honors constitute our guiding framework for your professional services.

● Technical team: An industry-renowned professional technology and R&D team to ensure that they can solve problems raised or encountered by users quickly, safely, and in a timely manner

● Performance results: More than 10,000+ users and 5 million+ clients' implementation achievements, as well as our long-term accumulated experience and lessons, can better protect users' data security and information management.

● Other features:

He has professional teams and valuable experience in applying for, learning, discussing, communicating and implementing Military Confidentiality Qualifications.

Have long-term experience in project life cycle management

Expected value

● Information Security Risk Assessment Report

● Information security management related rules and regulations

● Comprehensive solution for enterprise data protection and information management

● 【Broadness】enrich corporate control measures and assist enterprises in solving problems

Through systems, professional consulting, assessment methods, and methods, we have timely and comprehensively discovered problems in the six major areas of physics, data, networks, terminals, systems, and management security.

Comprehensive solutions for data protection and information management provide 5 systems/platforms, 33 modules, and a total of 240 functions to help companies solve and prevent the above problems and provide protection

● [In-depth] System-level management and control to enhance the system's defense capabilities from the root

Use file-driven technology to securely access data and information from the root source by performing read and write access control on hard disk I/O ports.

Infiltrate the encryption algorithm into the application process to enhance the defense capability from the system level

● Comprehensive management analysis saves operating costs

Comprehensive and visual audit analysis reduces unnecessary business waste for companies (such as printing modules, etc.)

Unified management platform to reduce maintenance workload and reduce management costs for enterprises

● Professional solutions to reduce business operations risks

Professional technical support team to assist companies in building data and information leakage prevention systems to reduce operational risk

Professional technical solutions help companies avoid the risk of secondary leaks in the daily business process

This is the company's algorithm for data protection and information management.


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