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Testing and inspection service

█ Service content

● Enterprise data security vulnerability detection

● Data Protection and Information Management Feasibility Test

● Small-scale verification test

● Comprehensive deployment of comprehensive test

█ Advantages

● Professional test outline: It has a comprehensive test program to ensure that all aspects of the user's needs are covered from every angle to ensure that the user's needs are met.

● Professional testing team: With a professional and disciplined testing and testing team, it can complete every test or inspection task without harming or infringing on the interests of users.

● Professional technical support: Zhirui Information has a behind-the-scenes support team with unparalleled technical strength. This ensures that each test or inspection task can be completed in accordance with the specified time or steps, without adding additional management and additional costs to users.

● Professional work attitude: Zhirui Information Group adheres to the concept of “cooperation, win-win, innovation, and development”. “Love House and Wuhu” is devoted to every job or task.

● Professional service quality: Zhirui Information always upholds “Quality is the life resource of the company” and completes every task and task with the intention, quality and quantity

Expected value

● Enterprise Data Security Test Report

● Verify completion of various security policies

● Small-scale verification assessment report

● Small-scale verification plan and record form

● Small-scale verification summary report

● Implementation of terminal deployment

● Abnormal situation summary, processing situation table

● Security policy configuration table

● Comprehensive deployment work summary report


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