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█ Technical Advisory

● Technical consultation hotline: +86-18512167949

● Technical Advisory Accept WeChat: +86-18512167949

● Technical consultation acceptance QQ: 9173066

● Company website:


Business personnel/project managers will answer your questions in a timely manner. If you need to reply after verification or need technical personnel to answer, then the business staff/project management staff will summarize the issues you have raised and have limited Time reply to you or invite technical staff to reply to your reply.

█ Upgrade Service

● The user submits an upgrade application and fills in the "Application Evaluation Form"

● The business personnel/project management staff judges whether the current status of the user has the upgrade condition according to the relevant information in the “Application Evaluation Form” (if the latest version does not need to be upgraded, etc.)

● The business personnel/project management personnel check the actual situation of the current version of the customer to see if they need to be customized and whether the mainline version meets the customer's needs. If you need to order, submit it to R&D department

● The R&D department judges whether a configuration file, etc., can meet the current conditions. If it exists, the technical department conducts the project demonstration.

● After feasibility studies have been passed for the demonstration program, the business personnel/project management personnel will send upgrade packages to users for small-scale verification by including but not limited to network transmission and special personnel.

● Full-scale upgrade deployment immediately after the verification of the small area passes


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