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Print Protection Management PPM

Product Introduction

Printing protection is simply a matter of ensuring that sensitive or confidential information is not leaked at the printing stage.

The PPM print protection and management software system consists of server software and client software. Can support any brand, any type of printer, can manage and control a variety of printers, without changing the user's operating habits of printing documents. Supports the control of file formats, print times, and file sizes generated by application software. It records the user's print content. It is easy to manage and deploy. It can achieve standardized management and improve efficiency; reduce printing costs; prevent printing leaks.

Print protection management module

The most common problems in the printing process are the following:

1. User's printing is not controlled, resulting in the waste of printed paper and the leakage of confidential information.

2. The source of the leaked print data cannot be traced. No effective measures can be taken to resolve the leakage route.

3, forget to retrieve print data in a timely manner, resulting in the disclosure of confidential information.

█ Detailed function

[Print security policy]

● Custom approval process: Set the print approval process. The process definition refers to the workflow definition in the basic platform.

● Print watermark settings: support for watermark on the computer screen, which can provide watermark pictures, watermark text, display computer name, display user name, display time, watermark font, watermark color, oblique watermark, transparency and other options, from a certain extent to the sneak shot Those who form a psychological shock.

● Policy application: Apply print policies to the terminal, which can be applied to departments or users to support policy inheritance.

● Print content record: Print the details of the terminal and store it as a snapshot.

[Security Policy Control]

● Supports all types of printers; can print authorizations on client computers, limit the use of specified types of printers on client computers or even specify printers, so as to achieve a reasonable allocation of print resources.

[Print log audit]

● Operation record printing: The print log recorded by the terminal can be printed according to actual requirements, including but not limited to the printer name, client IP address, computer name, start and end time of operation, approval status, and print snapshot.

● Operation log: Records the administrator operation log, including the settings and applications of the print policy.

█ Advantages

● Accurate print control

The system adopts the method of printing user identity authentication to achieve accurate print control; it must be a user who passes the authentication to print.

● Print records can be traced

The system saves a snapshot of the print file on the server and records information about each print job such as: printer, document name, user name, number of pages printed, print time, paper, color, cost incurred for printing, and so on. Administrators can view the print content of all print jobs, and can accurately determine whether the violation, leakage or waste.

● Data aggregation and statistical analysis

The system can make separate billing settings for the size of the print paper and the type of printer, and a reasonable statistical printing cost. All print record data is summarized to the server. From various perspectives, it provides various reports such as summary statistics, detailed statistics, cost analysis, task volume analysis, and cost consumption trends.

● Watermark addition

The system provides various watermark modes, supports custom text messages, and can also select the default print job number, printer, printer information, and more. Through the transparency adjustment, adding in the text does not affect the normal reading, or adding in the header and footer position, and the specification is unified.

● Effectively prevent confidential leakage

The system supports dual-identity audit output at the printer. After the user's printing task needs to be approved by the leader, the user can swipe the card next to the printer to achieve the printed paper output. This is especially suitable for occasions where the intensive printing is involved, and the paper file output is secure. , while also avoiding misplacing.

● Effectively stop waste

The system supports the control of printing time, such as printing only during business hours. Support energy-saving settings such as adjustment of the amount of ink to be printed, save printing consumables without affecting the normal reading of the document. According to user statistics, the system can effectively reduce printing costs by more than 30%.

● Reasonable cost statistics

It is possible to set separate strategies for each printer's different paper types, so that the printing costs can be more properly calculated.

● Domain user import function

Administrators can quickly import existing domain users into the system for user management. Computers that are logged on to the domain are automatically logged into the system without requiring users to log in again.

● Good compatibility

Compatible with various types of mainstream brands of printers, supports all application printing operations.

● Simple operation

Without changing the printing habits of the original user, the user can complete the printing according to the operation prompts without training. System management and report viewing All use the web interface to operate using a web browser (eg IE, etc.).

● Easy to use

The system management and report view all use the WEB interface. The user can print it out according to the operation prompts without training.

█ Target value

● Prevent employees from printing content that is not related to work within the company, such as printing personal documents and online novels on the company's business day;

● Through the control of printing behavior, detailed records of the company's internal printing, saving the company's operating costs;

● Record and control the printing of employee's printing operations, such as printing sensitive information from design drawings, financial statements, and contract documents, printing them on the printer, and exporting companies.


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