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█ Problem requirements

● There are mainly three main internal leakage incidents: mail leakage, mobile storage leakage, and print leakage. Among them, mail leaks and mobile storage leaks are more likely to occur. They are generally protected and monitored by means such as the DPG system and can be prevented and traced. The relatively small number of occurrences is the leakage of printed information. To people's surprise, although the number of leaks occurred is small, it is easily overlooked by the company. The destructive power of leaking is very large.

● The most common problems in the printing process are the following:

User's printing is not controlled, resulting in waste of printed paper and leakage of confidential information

For leaked print data, its source cannot be tracked. Cannot adopt effective measures to resolve leakage

Forgot to retrieve print data in a timely manner, resulting in disclosure of confidential information

● Many key military companies, scientific and technological units and other industries in all countries have begun to implement the new requirements for security certification. While we are constantly increasing our efforts in electronic media management systems and means, we have taken necessary and effective measures for the printing process. The management system and the strengthening of print security monitoring and management have been a matter of great concern.

█ Solution

● Print control

According to the actual application deployment strategy of the enterprise, the DPG can set whether the encrypted document can be printed, whether it can be printed in whole or in part, and DPG can improve the control of physical printing and virtual printing.

You can configure whether the client turns off the printing function on the DPG management platform. DPG only closes the print function of the encrypted file's application, and non-encrypted software's printing is not controlled.

The DPG's printer authorization tool controls the types of printers that are allowed to print. After you set up an authorized printer, only the printers in the authorization list can print encrypted files. Even if the print policy is a computer that allows printing, unauthorized printers cannot print encrypted files.

● Virtual Print Control

If DPG client is configured to “do not allow printing”, the DPG-equipped computer will not be able to output DPG-protected files, ie encrypted files, to the printer for printing. Even if “print to file” in the print function is selected, it will not Generate print files.

If you check “Allow printing”, the printing function in the encryption software can be used normally, and the intermediate format files such as PDF printed by the virtual printer are still encrypted files.

● Print log records

Logs detail the user's information for each print job, including printer name, user name, computer, print, print time, paper size, document name, document content, and watermark information

█ Expected results

● Protect the company's daily printing behavior, such as printing by swiping cards, effectively preventing the leakage of information between printing and taking data.

● Save company operating costs through the management of printing behavior

● Full protection and leakage protection of employees' printing operations


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