How to solve the problem of information security

For the problems brought about by data security and information management in the development process, the following six aspects can be used to build an enterprise information security environment, so as to fully meet the enterprise's requirements for data security and information management.

System Environment Deployment SED

The server back-end supports cluster deployment, and applications and databases can be deployed separately;

Data Protection Guard DPG

Data Protection Guardian consists of intelligent encryption module and outbound protection strategy.

Desktop Resource Management DRM

Desktop resource management is to provide enterprise-level users with comprehensive and efficient means

Print Protection Management PPM

Printing protection is simply a matter of ensuring that sensitive or confidential information is not leaked at the printing stage.

Data Disaster Recovery Protection DDP

Data disaster recovery protection system is to establish and maintain one or more redundant systems exactly

Documentation Disaster Recovery Protection DIM

With the continuous advancement of informatization construction and the rapid

Science and technology affect the future, there is no limit to service

Headquartered in Shanghai, Zero Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zero Info") is one of the professional software companies in China for data and information security; with a nation-wide marketing and sales network, Zero Info has the good ability to provide timely, effective and professional services through integrating, configuring and optimizing innovative resources with its own advantages; we are committed to providing data security and Disaster Recovery Protection comprehensive solutions for enterprises, research institutes and governments.
Adhering to the strategic orientation of "cooperation, win-win, innovation, and development", Zero Info works hard to build a comprehensive and competitive product system and marketing model, as well as build users a high-quality, comprehensive, safe and efficient information and interactive office environment through taking protecting users’ information assets as goal, data leakage prevention as core, an independent and controllable encryption protection technology as foundation. Up to now, our products and solutions have been successfully applied to millions of terminals, and our products are widely used in many key fields such as manufacturing...








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